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What We Believe

Gateway Partners Government Affairs is a full service governmental affairs firm, specializing in advocacy, legislative and regulatory consulting, business development and public policy. Gateway Partners is a service oriented firm and is bound by a set of guiding principles that we believe lead to long-term success for our clients.



We focus on the needs of others before our own. We believe everyone has value and strive to demonstrate this in our daily interactions.



We are diverse in our capabilities and experiences. Our team brings unique and valuable perspectives to the table for our clients that no single person can achieve on their own.



Government affairs is largely a relationship business. We value our relationships and reputation within government and with our clients. We work hard to maintain them.



We understand that what we do and how we do it reflects back on our clients. We serve as an extension of our clients and take that role seriously.



We strive to bring real value to our clients that justifies the fees we charge.

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