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Gateway Partners utilizes an Integrated Relationship Model (IRM) with our clients. We developed this approach so that we can more thoroughly understand the needs of our clients in order to serve them better. IRM offers a solution that bridges the gap between our client’s business and the business of government.  We achieve this by doing the following:


  1. Learn the culture of our clients and adapt to it;

  2. Invest time and effort in understanding our client’s issues;

  3. Collaborate with our client to establish goals and a plan for action;

  4. Work as an extension of our clients to execute the action plan;

  5. Regularly communicate with our clients so that strategies and priorities can be adjusted.

Sunset Consulting
Advocacy & Public Policy Development

Corporate citizenship has never been more important than it is today. Corporations get involved in multiple initiatives that they believe in in order to foster the greater good of the communities where they reside. However, making decisions in the confines of a board room without understanding the public policy ramifications can lead to unintended consequences that could damage the corporate brand. Texas is different. What may be acceptable in other states, may not be so welcome here and vice versa. Gateway Partners has extensive experience in the development and execution of affective public policy at the elected and agency levels of government. We advise our clients on how decisions they make can be perceived by the public and thus elected officials so as to position them positively in the minds of decision makers. Gateway Partners has the experience and depth to either lead an initiative at the Capitol or the work in a team environment to accomplish the goals for our clients.

Gateway Partners has an established a Sunset Advisory Services consulting practice.  Sunset is a state government legislative oversight process that can result in substantial changes to the mission and functions of a state agency.  These changes can significantly impact the business climate and the regulatory structure under which companies operate. 

Business Development and P3

Recent changes to state law are creating new challenges in the procurement cycle.  State agencies and vendors alike are adjusting to new mandates and processes established by Senate Bill 20 and related legislation. Gateway Partners keeps our clients apprised of procurement opportunities and works to position them as a trusted partner to state government. We also advise our clients on Public Private Partnerships and help them navigate the P3 process with state and local government and members of the Texas Legislature.

Regulatory Consulting

How an agency interprets statutory language and implements it can have a dramatic affect on a client’s business. We engage state agencies early in the process to ensure that our client’s interests are represented. The Gateway team brings to the table the perspectives of a legislative member and agency executives to the rule making process. As a former certifying official for a state agency, Trace has overseen the development and adoption of agency rules and offers unique insights for our clients into how agencies go about the task. As a former member of the Texas Legislature, Robby brings the understanding of legislative intent and engagement to the the process. Joey brings more of a hybrid approach of the two as someone with vast experience regarding implementation of legislative mandates via the Sunset process.

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